Component Approved Translated Unfinished Unfinished words Unfinished characters Untranslated Checks Suggestions Comments
icingadb-web GPL-2.0 24% 38% 7,139 32,268 213,920 4,136 564 0 3
icingaweb2 GPL-2.0 18% 61% 9,079 56,361 365,876 8,628 835 0 1
icingaweb2-module-audit GPL-2.0 24% 47% 127 455 2,582 126 2 0 0
icingaweb2-module-aws GPL-2.0 17% 35% 224 1,270 6,684 224 10 0 0
icingaweb2-module-businessprocess GPL-2.0 17% 32% 1,727 8,266 49,787 1,676 47 0 0
icingaweb2-module-cube GPL-2.0 23% 33% 168 756 4,413 168 5 0 0
icingaweb2-module-director GPL-2.0 17% 42% 10,312 77,850 470,073 9,704 753 0 0
icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch GPL-2.0 17% 31% 625 2,807 17,616 621 1 0 0
icingaweb2-module-graphite GPL-2.0 24% 42% 549 2,449 14,441 542 22 0 0
icingaweb2-module-jira GPL-2.0 19% 24% 960 4,340 26,721 891 33 0 0
icingaweb2-module-pdfexport GPL-2.0 24% 47% 50 207 1,496 50 12 0 0
icingaweb2-module-reporting GPL-2.0 18% 22% 1,066 3,590 22,837 963 43 0 0
icingaweb2-module-vspheredb GPL-2.0 17% 24% 5,038 22,065 133,872 4,497 174 0 0
icingaweb2-module-x509 GPL-2.0 21% 29% 1,268 4,218 26,217 1,204 35 0 0
ipl-validator GPL-2.0 18% 18% 282 2,555 13,873 264 16 0 0
ipl-web GPL-2.0 18% 21% 925 2,173 11,243 846 47 0 0
Glossary icinga GPL-2.0 37% 88% 8 8 48 8 0 0 0


Project website
Instructions for translators

Welcome to our platform where you can easily collaborate with others to help make Icinga accessible to all throughout the world!

Reporting Bugs

If you found a typo, bad wording or some other error in a source string or translation, you can report it here!

Just sign-in and »search for the offending string«. Once found, please add a comment in the respective scope.

A developer or translator will then either fix the issue or ask for further feedback. Please make sure to »enable notifications for mentions in comments« so that you don't miss any question.

How To Contribute

To contribute to any component on here, you'll also have to sign-in first.

You also need to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA):

Once you've done that, wait for your copy of the agreement that's sent to you by mail. By then, or shortly after, you should be able to start with the translation.

You are still unable to contribute or you already have signed the CLA in the past?

Then please »contact us« and we'll check your agreement. If everything is fine, we'll enable you to contribute and get back to you.

How It Works

Translations are split into two phases.

As a translator you'll propose new translations for yet untranslated messages. A reviewer then will take a look and accept or change them.

If you think there's something to improve on an already translated message, or you are simply not sure if your proposal is correct, add a new suggestion instead.

Suggestions for yet untranslated messages can also be accepted by other translators. Suggestions for already translated messages can only be accepted by reviewers.

Failing Checks

If a translation has errors, it won't be accepted. A reviewer may solve them, but translators are highly encouraged to only provide valid proposals.

Becoming a Reviewer

This depends on how many other reviewers there are and how active they are. In general, the more reviewers the less the chance to easily become one.

If for e.g. Arabic there is no reviewer yet, your chance to become one is certain if you feel you want that responsibility. We cannot review such languages ourselves and will accept any and all valid proposals otherwise near a release.

If there are already many active reviewers for a (to us) foreign language, we may delegate the decision to them.

But anyway, to ask for the reviewer status, »contact us« and tell us the languages you want to review.

Style and Wording

While this mostly depends on the language, there are some general rules we think everyone should follow.

Don't write novels

Most of the messages are shown in a UI with sometimes limited space. It may not always be avoidable that the translation is longer than the source string. But please keep your translations only as long as absolutely required.

Addressing the user

In some messages the user is addressed directly. While in English, this may not be a problem, but many languages use different polite forms depending on the situation. If this is the case, please use a rather neutral form. We don't provide the capability to have multiple translations for a single language, so all users have to stick with a single one. If there's no neutral form or you don't want to use one, you may also rephrase the message so that it doesn't address the user directly.


You may encounter placeholders like %s or %3$.2f. These are »conversion specifications« and must not be changed. But you can freely move them around. The context usually gives a hint about their purpose and meaning.

You may also encounter some placeholders of this form: {{#link}}some text{{/link}} or {{#emphasized}}a word{{/emphasized}}. These are templates that usually represent HTML tags. Also these must not be changed. But you can also move them around, while keeping the structure intact: {{#link}} must appear before {{/link}} and the text inside them should still be inside. Though the text they encapsulate, i.e. some text or a word, should be translated by you.

Translation license GPL-2.0 icingadb-web icingaweb2 icingaweb2-module-audit icingaweb2-module-aws icingaweb2-module-businessprocess icingaweb2-module-cube icingaweb2-module-director icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch icingaweb2-module-graphite icingaweb2-module-jira icingaweb2-module-pdfexport icingaweb2-module-reporting icingaweb2-module-vspheredb icingaweb2-module-x509 ipl-validator ipl-web icinga
2 hours ago

String statistics

Strings percent Hosted strings Words percent Hosted words Characters percent Hosted characters
Total 71,145 390,175 2,432,644
Source 5,954 32,540 203,010
Approved 10% 7,766 10% 39,617 10% 248,388
Waiting for review 25% 17,894 24% 96,403 24% 599,696
Translated 44% 31,598 43% 168,537 43% 1,050,945
Needs editing 7% 4,999 4% 19,259 5% 130,278
Read-only 8% 5,938 8% 32,517 8% 202,861
Failing checks 3% 2,599 4% 18,630 4% 120,218
Strings with suggestions 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0
Untranslated strings 48% 34,548 51% 202,379 51% 1,251,421

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